About Us

About Us

Christine Breit, ColorMe CEO and Founder

ColorMe founder, entrepreneur, and mother-of-two, Christine Breit, talks about her inspiration behind the new ColorMe kids’ interactive furniture:

“When my children were little, I loved organizing their birthday parties. Summer celebrations were wild affairs outdoors; winter birthdays were held in smaller indoor spaces. My aim was to outdo myself each year with a different theme and I loved putting together exciting goody bags. A spectacularly decorated cake was a highlight of my parties, but also the most troublesome—where would I put the crowd of eager children who were too small to eat their cake at the grown-up table?

My husband came up with an answer! For my daughter’s third birthday, he designed a chair made from clean, white, corrugated paper that was small enough for kids to sit comfortably, but sturdy enough to hold most adults. They were an instant success! The children got to eat their cake in comfort, but also decorate the chairs with markers and crayons, attach balloons, and then take their chair home as a work of art.

We then designed a table to go along with the chairs and Paperwhite was born—first producing blank, white table and chair sets, and then a set with a pink and green printed pattern. Paperwhite next led to ColorMe—table and chairs that are interactive with coloring book-style patterns, whose black outlines are printed right on the furniture. Fish/Ocean and Party motif is now available, with more designs to come.

ColorMe is the perfect solution for the ‘kids’ table’ at any party, and perfect for rainy days, or playing ‘house’ or tea parties. The table top can even be removed from its base and hung on a wall as artwork! Extra chairs are available as an affordable party favor and make an impressive alternative to the traditional gift bag.

ColorMe is an environmentally conscious company, made entirely from recyclable materials. Set up is simple, and the product folds easily for space-saving storage.

I hope your family has as much fun using your ColorMe set as my family did creating it!”