My pillow complaints – are they right?

My pillow complaints – are they right?

Is the My Pillow the perfect pillow as suggested by the company? This is the thing that the creators would wish to persuade you with. They state that it is the most comfortable pillow that you’ll ever use or have used so they offer a a 60-day cash return guarantee.

What are the complaints about the My Pillow?

There are several complaints about the My Pillow.  Most of the complaints are covered here.  Also, their conditions are quite extensive. Over at the My Pillow site, organizer Mike Lindell remarks that the My Pillow can help with wheezing problems, sleep apnea, sleeping deprivation, and fibromyalgia.  There are no actual studies proving any of this, simply Lindell’s experiences about meeting people with those issues.

Different research from sites, for example, and have less-shining testimonials, and the My Pillow in its different structures and sizes gets average reviews – not terrible, but instead not sufficient to market the My Pillow as the best pillow for everyone.

My view on common My Pillow complaints

The biggest complaint is the awful stench with the My Pillow.  The number two complaint is the incredible number of stressed clients saying it’s “ridiculously loud.”  Many reviewers are frustrated that they paid so much for a pillow that didn’t work as advertised.  So many people are not happy that they bought the pillow.  It seems to be hit and miss.

Another My Pillow complaint we found would be that the pillow doesn’t stay in the same shape all night.  Many say they ended up with a knotty back which obviously sucks.  Another huge concern is usually that the My Pillow will not stay cool.  We read numerous furious customers who thought the cushioning of the pillow would assist with hot flashes, but it didn’t work with that either.

The verdict

Personally, I enjoyed the pillow and I want to give the other side of the argument.  We wish to talk about those who love the My Pillow, and say it’s extremely comfortable to them.  Some say they have eased neck and back pain, or has removed their propensity to wheeze.  It helped me with my stiff neck.  Numerous reviewers observe that the My Pillow arrives in just a little box and, according to the guidelines, you have to take it out, allow it to lighten, and afterward stick it in the dryer for ten minutes or so before you can use it.  Various reviewers say despite some issues they still like the My Pillow, yet even customers who are happy with the product claim that it does not keep in the condition it should.  Back sleepers, generally, seem to be more content than tummy sleepers.

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