Room in progress- Part one

Room in progress- Part one

We have been crazy busy this summer. We have done so much this summer but I thought you would be interested to see the girl’s room makeover, or at least what I have done so far! It took us some times and is not even close to being finished but I LOVE how it is coming out.

First a recap. I decorated their room when Lilah was an infant. I bought wall decals on target clearance. The pictures below are from when I first did their room. A year later and decals have been torn off the walls, and beds have been out grown.

The room was cute and tiny, we made it work for that time. However, Ballerina pretty much destroyed her mattress (jumping bean!) and the crib literally began to fall apart. We had to come up with something fast!

I began to research beds and found children’s sized beds at Ikea. I really liked the white wrought iron look. I had my heart set on them but then Mr. Daddy suggested we do bunk beds. I settled, as long as they could be exactly what I wanted.

Soon enough I found bunk beds that I liked. Unfortunately they were way out of our budget. I simplified my wants and found some for a better price. That is when I told my friend that I had found beds that we wanted. We were at a barbecue and her father heard us talking about them. He then offered us a set of bunk beds that were his daughter’s growing up.

I love free things. I REALLY love solid wood beds that are sturdy and would normally be way out of our budget that are free!

I forced Mr. Daddy and his minions, The Guncle and The Gunsmith, to sand down the beds. Mean while I painted the room, with the help of Mrs. Gunsmith. After the beds were sanded we painted them white. We did two coats and left them at that. We really wanted a rustic type look.

Pictures below are of the room semi put back together. I am really going to a shabby chic look. Paint was still on the floor and nothing is really in it’s place yet. It is a work in progress.

The quilts were made by my aunt. I hope to find floral pink sheets at some point. I then picked up two down comforters, they are sooo comfortable.

We kept Petunia in the crib mattress to help with transition. When she gets a bit bigger we get her a twin one.
As you can see, we still have a lot to do. I need to make new curtains, redo the dresser, and actually decorate it. I hope to have it finished before Squish gets here!

P.S. Thank you to all who helped us make this room make over possible!

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